Saturday, December 31, 2011

I really wanted to send you all a Christmas Card - and they are all lying right here on the table - cute ones too with a fancy little reindeer … but as I said … they are still lying right here ...
And it's bad … because I was asked by a friend if she should send out real cards or go e-card this year and I went - definitely send cards … because it is a dying tradition and I love receiving cards - I really really do, but this year … well, we all know now - it didn't happen!


Let's move on now shall we!

I haven't written here for the longest of times, and I'm sure I'm going to get it in the neck next time I see some of you - but as I said in my last post I am now blogging on my business site - BMDesign - but "over there" I do not show the kids, and I do not mention anyone by name not even Bob - or Casper for that matter … it is all about my life and what I think about things … not that interesting to some of you I should imagine!

Here though - here I can revel in Anna's wonderful smile - or Maia's cheeky face or Jack's tremendous fashion sense.

Or I can show you how we all looked on Bob's 50th Birthday morning

IMG 2650

as I said … early morning - tired eyes but tons of smiles never-the-less!

He had a fab day - even if I'm the one speaking for him … I really do think he did because look at that decor

IMG 2636

or how about the cake up close - seriously made by my three apprentices - Anna made Bob, Maia made Casper and Jack made and decorated all the stars. I covered the cake but it was all their design and doing and we spent hours talking about how to make it look just right - I think they did an amazing job

IMG 2637

and there were presents - so many presents … all fab presents - like this one from Carol and the girls - now hanging in the most perfect of spots

IMG 2702

I think that was such a brilliant present - it shows the maps of Winnipeg Canada, Woking UK and Ottawa Canada … where he was born, where he grew up and where he has settled … I love it!

And there were many wet presents - and a cigar, a CD with Elvis which will go with Bob to Calgary next week never (ever!) to be seen or heard in Ottawa ever again!

IMG 2712

IMG 2714
These paintings were from me, the kids, Morfar and Birgit!

While in Denmark we, as told in an earlier blog, visited Røsnæs, Bob's favourite place in Denmark - and we had lunch in the best of restaurants. The restaurant had many paintings on display by this one local artist. I fell crazy in love with one painting but it was monster big and there was no way we could have brought it back with us - however, we contacted the painter and commissioned her to make these two paintings for Bob.

Anyone who has ever been to Røsnæs will recognize it - My Dad and Bob have promised me they will be hung today - but they did so yesterday as well … I live in hope!

The rest of Bob's Birthday was spent enjoying "The Nutcracker" with a Canadian twist - we watched Loons twirl, Frogs pirouette and Bears dance and it was all very good and interesting to see "The Nutcracker in a different way.

IMG 2735

The adults all went out for a lovely meal downtown in the evening and once back home, some of those wet presents were opened and I believe enjoyed too (I was being a very sensible Mama - kids still needed lunches for school the next day and I knew I had to be up at 6.30 so I stayed on the … water!)

Bob's Birthday was on December 20th and we were very lucky that everyone arrived early to celebrate him as well as Christmas - this of course meant 7 days of joy and fun with Morfar, Birgit, Dom, Mark, Milo, Jane, Jerry, John, Adam and Nancy … 7 full days - start to finish!
So much happened … we ate … a lot … we drank … in moderation (believe that believe anything!) … we baked, we cooked (Jerry taught the girls and Jane baked with the girls too), there was fondant being made into cupcake toppers for Adams Birthday, we played Scrabble (I won - which is amazing as "English isn't my first language" … (you had to be there!)) we blobbed, we laughed - oh how I laughed - we "moustached", we laughed some more - we ate … cheese - a lot … I cooked - I cooked a lot, we "cinnamon bun'ed", we "candy ate" … a lot! … we shopped, we walked Casper (not me - not once … bad mama!), we tobogganed once the snow finally came, we ate some more - a lot and it went on and on .. for days and days …

And then it was Christmas

IMG 2957

oh - and there was one for Janey too

IMG 2959

… how could we not get that boot when we saw it in my favourite shop?

It became Auntie Janey's pressie - filled only with red presents - it was a fun present to find and make and I think that especially the gloves went down well

IMG 2968

I'm not kidding though when I tell you that I have never in my life seen so many presents under one tree and I started the day by telling the little people about no stress, no tantrums, pace yourself, take your time - and they did really well. There were no tantrums, there were no upsets - they waited patiently for each other (and the rest of us) and I'm so happy to say that it was a wonderful morning of unwrapping presents.

I love giving - I am really good at that … love finding stuff for my family … and I take such joy from watching especially the kids open their presents

IMG 2988

Maia with her yoga mat from Isabella doing "The Baby" ???

IMG 2932

Jack with his new Hummel shoes (lot of Hummel under that tree :)

IMG 2984

Anna with her big fluffy monster pillow from Jack

But me ...

…  I'm always a little nervous when I open my presents

… can't help it

… sorry


IMG 3027

a Dualit toaster …

… will ALWAYS make me surprised and very very happy!

let there be NO doubts … this year I was spoiled … BIG time … lots …
...over (notice Le Creuset pan on picture!)

and ...


again and again!

But I wasn't the only one …

IMG 3000

Look at that "Tree of life"

or Dom's many Moustaches

IMG 2947

and Casper even got 4 fancy balls to rip apart in seconds!

IMG 3034

IMG 3052

… it really doesn't take long!

And then it was time to finish the turkey and to do some serious tobogganing ...

IMG 3068

IMG 3063

IMG 3077

IMG 2897

IMG 2886

IMG 2870

IMG 2875

IMG 2889

IMG 3243

IMG 3066

IMG 3238

IMG 3254

IMG 3279

IMG 3290

you tell me - isn't that just the BEST Christmas Day???

and then we ate … again...

IMG 3096

Starter … I FINALLY got to try figs … oh and goats cheese and it was heaven on a plate!!!

IMG 3115

Turkey ...

IMG 3121


But we had so much fun … again ...

IMG 3118

IMG 3110

IMG 3106

IMG 3103

IMG 3097

IMG 3122

IMG 3124

IMG 3128

IMG 3138

IMG 3150

IMG 3156

IMG 3161

IMG 3160

IMG 3126

and then when it was all over - and we opened even more presents from under that lovely tree

IMG 3168

IMG 3172

IMG 3181

(obviously Mark is really happy … )

and then once those presents were all done and there really wasn't anything left under the tree 

... and it was now very dark outside

… we still had yet another celebration

because it was Uncle Adams Birthday

IMG 3190

… and cake coppers had been made ...

IMG 2810

such a look-alike :)

Happy Birthday Adam!

IMG 3193

and that is it from us ….

I know I have run it through quickly - well, maybe not quick by your standards, but I had Sixhundredsomething pictures transferred from Jane who was super at taking pictures all the time - I'm sure there are more photos on Dom's phone as well as my own camera … I chose these to tell the story of an extraordinary Birthday/Christmas week.

I doubt we will ever have this many people again … which makes me sad.

But it will never take away the memories of the best Christmas


I want all of you who were here to know that I absolutely loved every moment - and I haven't got words big enough to tell you all how grateful I am that you made the effort to come celebrate Bob with me - and stay for Christmas to bring such joy and happiness. I celebrated with people I love so dearly - my only wish would have been to have more of the people I love - but once again distance played it's part.

I will end this post with my love and best wishes for all of you for a wonderful 2012.

My life only gets better every year - I am an incredibly lucky person to have you all in my life.
To my friends - thank you for being in my life … I love you all!

To my Family … I married into a family of fun and laughter - and for that I'm beyond grateful … you show me time and time again what family can and should be - THANK YOU!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Sikke en dejlig beretning. Man kan ikke vaere i tvivl om, at du har haft det helt fantastisk :-)God bagjul og godt nytaar til dig soede Birgitte.

    Mette, Dhaka