Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maia's 7th Birthday

She's 7 ...

What a great day it was. I love it when their birthday's fall on a weekend. Of course they woke early - that probably won't change till she turns 14 - so it was super dark outside while she opened pressies and I had the scones in the oven!

As always there were lots of Fantastic pressies!!!

We had a great party with only 4 little girls coming over for a "Fairy Mystery Party" which was so good. I had bought a great party from eBay - which basically was a treasure hunt throughout the house and it was brilliant. Such an easy and fun party - with only 4 guest it was easy peasy and the girls were so nice! Also, Bob was fantastic because he basically set up the whole thing, all I had to do was the cake and the party food. Most relaxed birthday party ever - loved it, and so did the girls. They had to climb over the mountains and jump from lilly pad to lilly pad every time they had to go from one part of the house to the other - that worked out great because it slowed them down quite a bit!

The Lilly Pads

The Mountains

Bob and I were a bit lost for idea on what to get Maia this year for her Birthday so I had asked her if we could do up her room for her birthday, and she was game!

She's the only one who hasn't had her room done of the kids since we moved in, and she didn't have a strong feeling of what she wanted other than "I would just love to sleep with clouds around me" so without doing the whole room clouds we managed to do her a lovely Nature Room and it is just gorgeous and she was so happy with it

I'm really please on how it turned out - and so far two weeks later she's still managing to keep it somewhat tidy - so hopefully she'll keep that up!

She asked for the Cake to go with the Cloud and Fairy Theme!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful pressies - she loved them all and enjoys them whether it being a craft, clothes or a book - she's super happy with everything she got!

I went to Montreal this weekend with my friend Kirsten - first time I was away on my own in 3 years! It was wonderful and I enjoyed myself tremendously - and got lots of stuff for the advent calendars!

Bob is very happy in his new job - it is certainly more quiet but it is wonderful to have him home every weekend and we're all feeling "wow here he is again" every time Friday comes around - it will take a bit of getting used to :)

Take Care,