Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Anna & Jack

The birthday was so much fun. We started, as always, by opening presents very early in the morning - and then I had to bake little cupcakes for school so it was a tired, but happy Mama Mote who sent the little people off at 7.45 am!

The sleepover party itself - a few days later - was so much fun! It really was - I was getting a little worried the closer we got to the date, whether I had done something silly by inviting all these kids over for a sleepover, but it turned out well. The boys were by far the most silly ones and also the hardest to get to go to sleep - it was well after midnight and then they were up again at 5.17 am - however I didn't get up till 7!

The pool had only been open for a few days, and although the sun was out on the party day, it still wasn't that warm - but the kids didn't mind and jumped right in ... shaking every time they got out again!

Jack and Anna helped decorate the "movie cupcakes" and had a lot of fun with that. We had planned on an elaborate cake for the girls but Anna loves loves loves choux pastry so we went with that instead!

I will leave you with lots of photos from the day of and the day of the party itself!

Good Morning ... where are the presents???

OMG ... I'm going to a Taylor Swift concert ... OMG OMG OMG

A Pandora "peace sign" from Jack for her bracelet

No way ... tickets to Formula 1 ... really????

Sneijder outfit ...  he was really hoping for that one!!
and then there was of course a little something for Maia as well - which made her very happy ... can you tell???

and with the Sneijder outfit - a FIFA soccer ball!!!

A new Yoga Mat ... yipeeeee!!!!

Road Hockey - goalie outfit ...

Maia picked just the right pressie - a craft bucket!

A stick for the goalie!

Probably her favorite animal ... right after Casper of course!

And then there was cake ...

and cupcakes for the girls at the party

and for the boys ....

Jack checking out the Candy Buffet!

check out the marshmallows in the middle jar!!!

Brave ... very Brave girls!

still in there ...

the boys had had enough ...

But the girls stayed for a while!

and then onto the food!

All Easy Stuff!

Anna opening presents with the girls - there wasn't a spot left on her floor - it was one big mattress!

The girls did a fashion show ... no losers - only winners!


They totally took over that room - notice the kid in the back with the soccer ball - yeah, that is exactly what they did - they played ball in the family room ... I know, I know ... I am wayyy too lax - but given that I had allowed 14 kids for a sleepover, what kind of a Mama do you really think I am - I really don't care about the stuff - only about the fun!!!

And so that is that - the party is over ... only thing that remains - well tomorrow Bob and Jack will be out the door at 5.30 to spend the whole day in Montreal watching race after race after race! Jack is so excited - as is Bob, and there is no doubt that I would have loved to go too! Instead me and the girls will hang out by the pool which is now really nice and warm!

I'll leave you with a few photos of Master Jack ... He had been growing his hair for the longest time and Bob and I were secretly going nuts, but knew we just had to bite the bullet - Wednesday morning on the way to school we saw one of their friends, and we all agreed he looked great having just had a new haircut - I could tell Jack was slightly impressed, so after school while the girls were swimming, I told him "let's go and get a haircut and then we'll surprise the girls when we get home - that would be so much fun" ... can you believe he fell for that one? We were off within seconds (didn't want to risk him changing his mind!) and he did it! I cannot tell you how much I love looking at him, those incredibly blue eyes - they are so much easier to enjoy when there is not all that silly hair hanging around them!


not much of a poser :)

Cool hey?

And then of course a bit of silly !