Thursday, July 28, 2011

So I keep thinking ...

... that I should write a little bit about how our summer is going, but I also keep thinking that there isn't much to tell as we practically live by the pool. I bake a cake ... the kids munch it up - I bake another and pretty soon all the neighborhood kids are hanging out by the pool too!

Jack made Quesadilla and salsa one night - very very proud of himself !

We have been super lucky with the weather this year - I know that Europe hasn't, and I am really not trying to rub it in, but in the last month there has only been two days where I haven't been in the pool - and really it wasn't that it was that bad - it was just that it was not the 30 degrees we've had every day - or more!

Of things done in July I guess for Anna the top of the list has to be that she finally got to go see Taylor Swift - and I will say that although I wasn't looking forward to it, I did kind of get in the mood the days up to and once there we had a really good time. Taylor Swift is perfect for a first time at a concert and now that she knows what a concert really is, Anna says she wants to go again - but that she wants to sit in the first row - duh!!!

We went on our yearly trip to Park Omega this weekend and said hi to the bears, the goats and the wolves - and the many many deer we love to feed. - I'm happy to say that this year the mountain goats did not try to come through the windows and we managed to get through the whole park without getting a scratch on the car! It is a lovely park - the animals are amazing and it feels right as it is only Canadian wildlife - you don't bump into an elephant or giraffe, which makes it seem right and real!

Bob is still doing amazing with the implant - when he flew back to Calgary after it being switched on he managed for the first time ever to actually hear what the safety meassures  in case of an emergency ... and he has only been flying thousands and thousands of kilometres in his life - thank god he didn't need to know them before :)

Casper finally managed to "kill" his Christmas pig ... and this was only the beginning - the fluff is everywhere!!

Oh - I hear kids screaming for me - it's pool time ... and after that - a lovely gooey chocolate cake ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a New Life

so ... Bob's life changed pretty dramatically yesterday when his implant was switched on for the first time!

As you can tell it was a bit of a shock for him the first time it happened but he quickly got very brave and told her to keep turning it up and make the volume louder!

She told him that he would probably feel the need to take it off as he'd be tired or overwhelmed, but that she really believed that it would be better if he wore it all day. She said that it would take time and most of what he'd hear yesterday and for maybe a few days was likely to be beeps and not necessarily make any sense. That it takes time for the brain to understand what is happening!

Bob being Bob - there was no way you could get it off him :)

And by evening he was hearing everything we said - here are a few of yesterdays revelations
  1. Jack, Anna, Bob and I were having lunch around the table and he found this little piece of plastic wrap ... he picked it up, scrunched it into a little ball and I swear - you have never seen such amazement in anyone else ... he just sat there, gently scrunching this little ball of plastic - never having heard the sound of that before! He looked so happy - SO happy!
  2. I went to chat with our neighbor and walked in to tell him - he was playing ball with Casper - again ... utter amazement on his face - listening to the ball hit the floor and for Casper's little nails clicking on the wood as he ran to fetch the ball. The smile on Bob's face - priceless! 
  3. As we went out for a celebratory dinner - he for the first time ever was able to listen to the children in the back of the car, without having to turn and lipread ... extraordinary!!
  4. When the kids finally had gone to bed and we were able to watch MI5 he just sat there going - "wow, I can actually hear them talk" and "golly, was that a mobile phone?" ...
  5. He also managed to listen to music - and for the first time ever really heard what was said and not just the music. Actually he was unable to hear the music itself, it takes time for the brain to understand it all and he only heard the words of the song. He was so impressed.
I swear - I have never been happier for another person in my life - I have never seen such amazement on another persons face. I have only ever seen Bob this overwhelmingly happy at the birth of our children. It is mind blowing what is happening - he is learning sounds for the first time in his life. He has never been able to hear "st" sounds or "ch" sounds ... and now he hears them clear as a bell!

So yes - it is a new life and he is embracing it fully. He does not want to take it off at all and his progress within the first day way exceeded what his doctor told him it would be.

... but I should have known that shouldn't I :)