Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Of course I should write this blog on my new iPad but I really miss the keyboard on there so it is easier to just go back to my laptop ... but I promise you I absolutely love my Christmas present and spend way too much time on it - hopefully that'll change after a few more weeks, but somehow I doubt that :)

Christmas has been just lovely - the only complaint from any of us would be that it went by too fast - that often happens but it still seems that this year it really did just fly by.

Morfar and Birgit arrived December 21st and it was of course great to have them here - I was sick though with a nasty flu/cold and in the end had to go see the doctor on the 24th to get some help beating the sinus infection ... oh well ... the biggest disappointment has been that there were no cookies baked this year - at all!!! I swear the guilt I feel because of those cookies ... it is incredible - but we have decided that we'll have a Christmas cookie party in January some time - I wonder how "JĂždekager" tastes without the Christmas tree and other decorations around ... we'll let you know!

Santa was as always very kind to the kids - they woke to a Keyboard (Maia), Electric Guitar (Anna) and an Nano 5th generation (Jack). It was pretty amazing as Santa had left Jack a lovely letter about how he'd asked his head Elf to go to the back room and look on the bottom shelf all the way at the back to see if they had a 5th generation left for Jack - and they did ... it's all about the magic ;)

John, Olivia and Isabella arrived on December 26th and we had a pathetic (by Danish standards!) Christmas lunch and we gave everyone their last Christmas present! We had bought tickets for everyone to go see a Hockey game (thank you Clare :) Thursday night. It was such fun! First time ever for most of us - I think maybe Uncle John has been before and of course Jack has (he was there but with his friend instead!) but the rest of us were novices and it was certainly a very Canadian thing to do :)

Tomorrow it's all back to normal - I think I shall shed a little tear tonight ... I have for the first time since way before having kids managed to sleep till 9 for a week in a row - Seriously, that is unheard of but OMG that is nice! Unfortunately the days are short that way so I haven't got time to sit here anymore - dog needs walking, dishes needs doing and maybe I should bake some cookies ;)

Have a fantastic 2011