Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Journey Backwards – and a Lost Heart!

Normally I would write with happiness and joy and love – and I feel all of those in my heart … I promise – but there is a lot of “BUT” today!

mmmm... Danish thebirkes
Most of you who read and follow my blog will know that I have not been to Denmark for 7 years. For all sorts of reasons – and I honestly wasn’t planning on going any time soon. BUT 3 months ago Bob and I made a choice. A choice that enough was enough and that our children should see where I grew up, the country they at least once a day hear something about“ In Denmark we would do …” or “I swear, in Denmark I would eat ….” or “Denmark is so good at ….” or the very best one “Dad and I did this in Denmark … “ or “I so wish I could show you Tivoli …” so many sentences where the word Denmark would be mentioned – and the kids were doing it too “I SO want to go to Denmark” or “I can’t wait till one day we go to Denmark”

Gosh she was so excited!
BUT we couldn’t justify Bob taking a lot of time off – because he’d just been home recuperating for 5 weeks – well 6 if you count the week where they switched on the cochlear. So he suggested I’d take the children for a 2 week period while he worked his socks off over there in Calgary. Well, once the idea was put out there, it didn’t take me long to get my head around it. And then we started the “I can’t wait till we see TIVOLI” or “LEGO Land Mum – really” or “you can finally have a “kaffebrød” Mum” – and the suitcases were out and ready to be packed pretty early on!

We left a couple of weeks ago – popped lots of “No Jetlag” pills on the plane and landed on a stunning morning. The sun was showing me and the children how incredibly beautiful Denmark is on a summer day (yes, I do know that with the summer Denmark has had this year, it was like winning the Lotto arriving in sunshine!) – My Dad took us straight to the Supermarket and we shopped – oh how we shopped … and then we went to the Bakery and I went crazy “one of those … and one of those – oh no, we HAVE to try that one too … and that one – how many do we have now?? Well, we have to try that one too …” the car was loaded between the shopping and the suitcases!

First ever Gammeldaw's with everything!
And from then on – I cannot even put into words what it has been like – I could try … I could try explaining to you all what it was like going to the beach and watching my children building sandcastles or swimming with them in the waves – or how about walking through the gates of TIVOLI – and then having lunch and playing with Aunty Jane and Uncle Jerry who flew in just to surprise the kids

Aunty J and two goofy kids!
 … and watching all three kids go from being scaredy cats to going on the roller coasters – again and again and again and again … or watching them eat everything that was put in front of them and loving it … especially the Danish ice cream “Gammeldaws” or “rugbrød” or “rullepølse” or how about a “Fransk Hotdog” … and then there was the candy – oh the candy … for years I have been trying to explain about the candy isles in the Danish supermarket … it was priceless seeing their faces – and then we tried all of it!
Kronborg in the Sun!
Jack with new "Hummel" shoes
We went to “Kronborg” Castle where I was last with Bob’s mum ... and they saw “Holger Danske” and we went back to Copenhagen for a total shopping experience – and Jack finally got his “Hummel” shoes – and a “Hummel” outfit and we got “Nisser” for Christmas at “Illums Bolighus” just because of the “You have to get something from Illums” - order from Bob (and there weren’t many of those!)

European Driver's Licence

And then there was the Bridge … and finally LEGO Land where we had another amazing day and the kids got their driver’s licence – you have got to get one of those! We saw H. C. Andersen’s museum on the way back and it was so worth a stop!

Maia at the top of "Runde Tårn"

We saw the Church where Bob and I got married – and of course I showed them King’s Pub where we met – and all (!) the places we have lived. I took them down “Kordilgade” and we shopped some more. And we went to the beaches again and the kids found and played with tons of frogs, oh and fished for crabs – and they kept on eating like little horses every night when dinner was served.

And then there was “Røsnæs” … Bob’s favorite place on Earth – and for the very first time I get it – I see it. I know why it is his favourite place – I can honestly say I haven’t seen such beauty for a long, long time.

Morfar and Jack at Røsnæs
 BUT now we are home. And I’m crying a little here and there. When unpacking I’m crying a little into the suitcases – and it is not because of the insane amount of laundry or all the candy we brought home either! 

Anna at Røsnæs
I cry because as I said to my Dad on Monday “Sometimes it is easier when you don't remember what it is that you’re missing” … and I honestly didn’t remember. I have over the last 7 years blocked out the good and the beauty of Denmark. Probably because it is a lot easier that way – BUT I promise you all … watching my darling kids fall in love with Denmark – over and over, again and again – throughout these last few weeks, it has changed my heart. And now I know we must not wait another 7 years and I know that next time Bob must come … so I can walk hand in hand with him at “Røsnæs”. 

Enjoy the photos … I know I will – more than once!

Kids with H.C. Andersen in LegoLand
To all of you who made our trip unforgettable – Thank You … we are all so grateful!

A super special “Thank You” to Heidi for “dotting the “i” … to all my Kalundborg friends – you’ll know that a night out with Heidi, having pathetic “forårsruller” på “Slotten” is the absolute best way to end what was my best holiday ever.

I’ll go cry a little more … while folding the first load of laundry BUT I’ll cry with a lot of love in my heart. I am very lucky to be Danish!