Monday, July 5, 2010

The Little Party That Was ....

I can finally claim I have been celebrated and am now properly 40!

June was as predicted very very busy and after 9 months of preparation it all culminated in a fabulous party/week in Mont Ste Anne with all my lovely family and friends from Denmark, UK, Canada and US.

It was so much fun - so much and I feel lucky to have such great people to celebrate with ... the theme was obviously Red & White and everyone played their part which made the party look just stunning!

The party was everything I could have hoped for - but so was the days up to and after - as always it is great fun spending time with our family and let there be no doubt - having Frampy and Loops there was just about the best thing that has happened to me in the last few years - what a treat - and what an absolute joy to watch my three little monkeys love their cousins SO much!

So what is next ... well tomorrow our Au Pair/Exchange Student/Life Guard arrives from Denmark. My friends' daughter needs to strenghten her English a bit and we happily agreed to her coming for three weeks. We are all looking forward to a new experience and I'm positive we will enjoy this visit - She sounds lovely - and knowing her parents I'm sure she's a fun, happy girl to have around!

Once she's off - our cousin arrives for a couple of weeks and then we're off on our own camping holiday. We had seriously looked into going to Florida - because I really really REALLY want to see the new Harry Potter Park (and the kids were easily persuaded!) but driving 2000 km each way is just a little bit too daunting so we looked at what could be just as fun closer to home and decided on going to Boston, Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. We are very excited and cannot wait to enjoy yet another holiday on an island. It will be interesting since August is hurricane season but the lady at the campsite reassured me that the school will give us shelter should a hurricane come our way - I try not to think too much about this as the biggest problem with Martha's Vineyard is that there is only one ferry and it is booked all the time, so once we're there - we have to stay there till our return reservation a week later - ho hum, we're planning on great weather and we are bringing all our bicycles as we hope to tour the island that way!

Bob is off tomorrow at 6 am ... ouch that hurts ... having had him home for over 2 weeks - it is so nice when he's here and very relaxing. Unfortunately it's back to business and we won't see much of him until we're off on holiday - that is the price we must pay to have him take off a few weeks here and there!

Hope you're all enjoying the summer - today it's 35 degrees here ... third day in a row and not looking to change till the end of the week - phew it is HOT and too much for me but the kids are happy as clams swimming for hours every day!