Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Tiny December Update

 Not long now ...

oh but the joys - Anna finally went back to school today after having been sick for 5 days - she did trade places with both Jack and Maia who are both lying next door with snotty faces and sore tummies ... keep telling myself that it is better that it's this week than next, but Maia still had tears this morning realizing that she might not be able to participate in tomorrows pajama party at school - also every year there is "Aunt Evelyn's Corner" where the kids get to buy presents for all their family for 50 cents per present - basically all the families at the school bring in new or slightly used items that the kids can buy. This might seem like a fab idea, but trust me - some of the presents from last year went back this year ;)

Anyways - back to the sick children - they have better get well super fast because with family arriving next week I am NOT having no germs in the house ...

December has gone by fast - as always, however we still haven't felt any stress - other than every time Bob comes home we have a looooong list of things he has to get done - so far he's ticking off lots of "have to's" but there are still way to many to get it all done before Christmas - oh well ... the house looks lovely - the gingerbread house was assembled last week - much later than normal but it looks fab - own design this year ... simple, white and just how I love it! As always I sit every night wondering what it would be like living in that house :)

We had the most Christmassy of Sundays last weekends when the snow was finally falling heavy all day - so we made "Æbleskiver" and watched "Miracle on 34th" which HAS to be seen every year for it to be truly Christmas - we just love it! Jack and Bob were not as interested as the girls so they finally brought out my Stratego - the one John and I used to play 30 years ago :) and ever since both Bob and Jack have been planning how to set up their soldiers for this weekend - they are hooked! It is a brilliant game that is!

Maia got a "French knitting" doll in her Advent Calendar that day and hasn't stopped since - it is so fun to see her so into a craft like that. I have better go get some more yarn - also I have had to promise Anna I'll get one for her, because she just wants to borrow Maia's all the time - which is impossible given that Maia always has a string on the go ...

So there - that is how our December is coming along - the presents are piled high under the tree and still more will come - it is wonderful, fun and totally like it should be!

Tomorrow the Holiday starts and we'll be able to just chill out and have fun together - can't wait to see family and friends, as it always makes this time a bit more magical!