Sunday, November 28, 2010

New York New York

What a fab weekend it was ...

When David visited back in the beginning of October we had the idea that we should try to surprise Mark for his 50th birthday in New York. With Dom's help we managed to pull it off and on top had an absolutely fantastic weekend with David, Bernice, Lucy, Dom, Mark and Milo - oh and I even got to meet Dom's lovely Mum at the Brunch on Sunday morning.

New York is without a doubt pushing its way to the top of my list of favorite places I've ever been to. I cannot believe how much I love that place. This time I got to see Central Park and The Metropolitan and I managed to fall in love with both places. I have got to go back and spend a lot more time in that museum. Of all the museums I have ever been to - never have I enjoyed myself so much and I didn't even get to the second floor!

We left Friday morning and stayed with Kirsten in NJ. Bob had a meeting Friday night so Kirsten and I had a bit of time to "feet up and wine" before he was back. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time - we never ever do - despite having just spent a weekend together in Montreal!

Bob and I had all Saturday to shop and enjoy a bit of time in NY without the kids as they were being looked after by Kirsten and her lovely girls. The kids had such a great day and were spoiled rotten.

We met up with the UK gang and managed to surprise Mark at dinner! It was great fun, and I honestly think he was genuinely surprised - and happy :)

We all spent time together all Sunday - which was just magic. Strolling Central Park in stunning Autumn sunshine, I cannot think of a better way to spend an afternoon ... oh and The RedEgg is well worth visting if you like Chinese food - best Chinese we've had in like forever!

We left NY Monday morning and made it home around 8 in the evening. Jack brought home some sort of bad American flu and had to stay home for a few days last week - Maia had to cancel a birthday party today and I certainly have felt a lot better too ... but oh well - a bug for a lovely weekend ... so be it!

Christmas is coming - December is very very close - argh and this year I am beyond behind on planning and doing - at least today I got 62 presents wrapped for the advent calendar - only 10 more to do tomorrow - so the kids will be happy December 1st when they come down and see all the presents hanging :)

I very foolishly started a big BIG painting project - the last that needs doing ... the dining area/conservatory - it is the worst thing ever ... and I've had to give up finishing it totally before Christmas - it is just not happening, but at least the ceiling is done (BIG job!) and the walls are too - it's all the window trimmings - and there are 9 massive ones - and a door too ... oh well, if I do one window every few days, maybe they will be done by the time the Turkey hits the table on December 25th - guest should also know to keep their eyes on the table and not the floor because for sure for sure that will not get done before mid January!

Have a lovely December!