Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hiking in Memory of Aunty Lyne!

Just got home from a lovely morning, hiking with the Hospice at May Court in memory of Lyne. It was a 5 kilometre hike and the kids did so well - Maia's feet were hurting by the time we got back and the girls were not too happy for the last 10 minutes either but Jack was smiling all along. And despite not being overly joyful Anna and Cassidy did it and I am proud of all 4 of them for doing it without moaning and by the end of it actually feeling proud of themselves. Well done!

Cassidy is Anna's very good friend who has been on a weekend sleepover with us so she didn't get a choice but had to tag along. She didn't mind and I think the Reptile Zoo, face-painting and tons of home baked cookies made it worth it for all 4 of them.

The hospice raised over $75,000 today - such a good cause!